Beauty Is Cleanliness -The Manila Times

Beauty Is Cleanliness -The Manila Times

Aug 29 , 2018

Max Max

"Deep-cleaning should be done every week for personal brushes, so you need to allot some time for it because it involves shampooing and conditioning the bristles. A lot like how one used to wash the hair of their Barbie dolls. Except those weren’t meant for washing, and these brushes are.

For deep-cleaning, wet your brush heads with cool running water. Do not soak in water or use warm water. Soaking in water or using warm water will loosen the glue that holds the bristles together. That will make your brushes shed and destroy them.

Afterwards, swirl into some shampoo and then lather. I use a Brush Egg or textured silicone pad to help get the grime out of each hair strand. Rinse and repeat the process with conditioner this time in order to give it that softness.

To make things easier for me I use a soap specifically made to clean brushes. I’m currently finishing this tub of Crazy Merman Lavender Basil brush soap because I like the scent. I also have a stash of Product X by Xeng Zulueta as a reserve which is a good local alternative." Jopie Sanchez

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